Emma Watson named the most alluring film icon by fans

Above: Emma Watson at the 'Gravity' premiere in New York City

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Emma Watson: October 2011

According to a worldwide poll conducted by Empire Online, Benedict Cumberbatch and Emma Watson are the most attractive movie stars at the moment. Cumberbatch secured the top position in the 50 sexiest males poll, surpassing Tom Hiddleston of ‘Avengers’ fame and Robert Pattinson from the ‘Twilight’ series. Amongst British actors, Daniel Craig, who played James Bond, ranked 24th, while James McAvoy from Scotland took the 16th spot, just ahead of Tom Hardy in 17th place.

In the recent poll conducted by Empire Online, British actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston were voted as the sexiest male film stars, beating their Hollywood counterparts such as Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper. On the other hand, Emma Watson, who starred in the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise, was crowned as the sexiest female film star, taking over Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence. According to James Dyer, Editor of Empire Online, the win for British stars is a great achievement, highlighting the importance of having a dedicated fanbase rather than just casual fans. The poll saw the emergence of fandoms such as Cumberbabes, Hiddlestoners, Twi-hards, and Cavilliers making their voices heard.

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