“Emma Watson Opens Up to Elle UK About How Criticism Made Her Stronger”

EMMA WATSON in Elle Magazine, Portugal April 2017


In the March 2017 edition of Elle UK, Emma Watson candidly discusses how she handles criticism. The Beauty and the Beast star, who is currently 26 years old, shares her thoughts on the subject. You can pick up a copy of this issue now.


When asked about her decision to take a break from acting and focus on activism, the actress explained that it wasn’t about proving anything to anyone. Instead, she saw it as an opportunity to make a positive impact and “move the needle” towards change. As for dealing with critics, she admits that taking a stance on feminism has toughened her up. While she expects a certain level of criticism as a public figure, advocating for a cause can bring a whole new level of scrutiny.


When asked if she would ever write a book, Emma Watson replied that she needs to gain more experience before doing so. She expressed discomfort when people expect her to lecture them about feminism and acknowledged that she still has much to learn. Regarding her role as Belle in “Beauty and the Beast,” Watson found it to be a delightful experience. She felt a connection between her characters Hermione and Belle and was reminded of her true calling as an actress. She described the film as pure escapism.

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