Lights, Camera, Action! Jennifer Aniston Causes Commotion Among Fans as She Shoots Window Sequence from Apartment on Fifth Avenue in NYC

Cut! Jennifer called a halt to proceedings when a crowd spotted her famous face on Fifth Avenue

“Stop filming!” Jennifer interrupted the shoot as a group of people recognized her famous features on Fifth Avenue.

Mobbed: Fans and tourists quickly got wind of the famous actress in the window

Swarmed: The news of the renowned actress standing by the window spread like wildfire, attracting a horde of fans and tourists.

Jennifer Aniston

Feeling the heat? It seems like Jen may have signaled to stop filming at one moment while on set in New York City on a scorching day.

Jen An

Out of nowhere, Jennifer found herself in the middle of what seemed like an impromptu street performance. A throng of people had materialized around her in New York City.

Jen An

Jen An

Do you recognize her? Jen caught on the Squirrels to the Nuts set last Thursday, sporting a distinctive new look.

Keeping her cool: Aniston looked radiant despite the sweaty day, but she did take time out to cool in her trailer

Aniston managed to maintain her composure, looking absolutely stunning in spite of the hot weather. However, she did take a break to cool off in her trailer.

Protective: The white and grey dress isn't chic black fan Jennifer's style

Jennifer, a fan of black fashion, feels that the white and grey dress does not align with her aesthetic preferences.

America's sweetheart: Aniston gave a wave as she went about her work in the sunshine

Aniston, the darling of America, greeted her fans with a friendly wave as she went about her business under the bright sun.

Looking fine: Aniston styled out the look with some darker nails

Aniston completed her look by adding some edginess with darker nail polish.

Her usual style: Tailored sharp lines in black was the order of the day for Jennifer Aniston - here with fiance Justin Theroux-  at Jimmy Kimmel's wedding in Ojai, California on Saturday

Jennifer Aniston sported her usual fashion statement at Jimmy Kimmel’s wedding in Ojai, California on Saturday, with sharp lines in black tailored to perfection. Accompanied by her fiancĂ© Justin Theroux, the actress looked stunning as always.

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