“The Stunning Mansion of ‘Fast Furious’ Blockbuster”

Gal Gadot, known to Fast fans as Gisele, has been causing a stir since her first entry in 2009. Her attractive physique and stunning looks without any dead corners have garnered a large male following. Coming from a purely Jewish family, Gadot credits her time serving in the Israel Defense Forces with training her in discipline and respect. The beautiful Wonder Woman also revealed that this was the main factor that helped her win the role of Gisele. According to Forbes statistics published at the end of 2020, Gadot is one of the most expensive stars in Hollywood, with a salary of $31.5 million USD that year.

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Gal Gadot and Michelle Rodriguez star in the movie “Fast & Furious”. Michelle plays the role of Letty Ortiz, the wife of male lead Dom (Vin Diesel). Although she didn’t have much screen time in the film, Michelle still managed to make an impression thanks to a short but eye-catching “competition” with the villain Cipher (Charlize Theron).

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Michelle Rodriguez’s breakout role was as Letty Ortiz in her Hollywood career and it is also the movie character that the public remembers most. She also had successful roles in action projects such as Battle: Los Angeles (2011) and blockbuster Avatar (2009). With a total revenue of all films participating in over 5.2 billion USD, Michelle was honored as “one of Hollywood’s most prominent Latin American actresses.” Charlize Theron, with her angular, sharp face and transformative acting style, has been a great success with the villain line. The South African-American actress earned her career an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her portrayal of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster (2003). She became the first South African to win an Oscar in the main acting category and is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after names.

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Charlize Theron portrays the cunning hacker Cipher in “Fast X,” the most dangerous adversary ever faced by Dom and his family. With her intelligence and advanced knowledge of technology, Cipher always knows how to realize dark conspiracies. She made the Dom family miserable in both “The Fate of the Furious” and “Fast Furious 9.” Natalie Emmanuel transforms into Megan Ramsey in the Fast Furious series. Introduced as a British-born female hacker in part 7, the character played by the actress helps Dom’s team quickly solve technological problems or penetrate enemy networks.

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Natalie Emmanuel, best known for her role in “Fast & Furious,” has also appeared in hit series like “Game of Thrones,” “The Maze Runner,” and “Megapolis.” Standing at a height of 1.7 meters with strikingly beautiful features, Emmanuel easily caught the eyes of many Hollywood directors. She was even ranked as one of the 100 sexiest women by FHM magazine in both 2013 and 2015. Helen Mirren, on the other hand, is the oldest and most veteran female star in the “Fast & Furious” franchise at the age of 76. The British actress has amassed a fortune of “huge” awards throughout her career, including one Academy Award, four SAG Awards, four BAFTA Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and four Emmy Awards.

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Helen Mirren plays the role of Magdalene Shaw, who is the mother of three brothers named Deckard, Owen, and Hattie. Although she is the mother of a group of villains, including an assassin, a terrorist, and a secret agent, she does not confront her son Dom and instead acts as an advisor to him during difficult situations. Prior to appearing in Fast X, she also appeared in The Fate of the Furious (2017) and Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019), where her performance left a big impression. Jordan Brewster plays the role of Mia Toretto, Dom’s sister, who is considered to be the soul of the Fast & Furious franchise. Actress and model Jordan Brewster started her acting career at the age of 15, but it wasn’t until she joined the Fast & Furious brand that her name became widely known. Before becoming famous thanks to Fast and Furious, the actress born in 1980 appeared in other projects such as DEBS, Hooking Up or Simulant.

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Brie Larson portrays the character of Tess, daughter of Mr. Nobody, in the movie “Fast X.” Tess is the one who turned her back on The Agency and helped Dom and his family in their journey to face the villain Dante. Starting her acting career in 2001, Brie Larson gained attention only after the release of “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” in 2010.

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Back in 2015, Brie Larson’s exceptional performance in the movie Room earned her an Academy Award. However, it was her portrayal of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that really propelled her to worldwide fame. This character even had her own successful movie, which grossed over 1 billion USD.

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